Aray Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who are Aray ?

A. We are specialists PC Software Developers based in South London, United Kingdom. We are experienced in all phases of software systems life cycle; including requirements definition, design, implementation, integration, deployment, maintenance , customer training and support.

Q. What Microsoft ® Technologies?

A. We mainly use Windows (98, NT, XP. 2000), Visual Basic, VBA, C++, Assembler, Office, Word, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Project, Front Page and Internet Explorer. We have Microsoft® Certified Professionals (MCP) for some of these products.

Q. Do you only use Microsoft ® Technologies?

A. We develop software using the most appropriate tools and technologies. For example, when developing embedded systems we have used Turbo C++ and assembly languages for Intel and digital signal processors (DSPs). We also use Open Software such as WordPress, Linux, Apache and Mysql.

Q. What type of applications do you develop?

A. Our staff have experience of developing software for instrumentation, medical, imaging, clinical trials, databases, Quality Assurance (ISO9001), stock control, web sites, e-commerce web shops, accounting and financial.

Q. What business areas are covered by Aray ?

A. We have considerable knowledge and wide experience of medical, retail, manufacturing, commercial, financial and scientific businesses; from small to large multinational companies.

Q. What can we expect from Aray ?

A. Aray has:

  • Provided effective solutions that solved customers problems.
  • Developed ergonomic software with low error rates and maintenance costs.
  • Integrated systems with mixture of technologies such as optics, mechanics, fluidics and telecommunications.
  • Succeeded in providing software for challenging projects on the leading edge of technology.

Q. Why choose Aray ?

A. The following are just some of the reasons why you should choose us to undertake your important projects:

  • The service we aim to provide will be of the highest professional standard.
  • We aim to exceed your initial requirements.
  • We aim to respond quickly and to tailor offerings to suit customer needs.
  • It is our policy to ensure that your are involved in all the strategic decision making on the project.
  • We aim to deliver our services in a timely and prompt manner.
  • We make sure we can deliver completed reports and software on time and within the customers allocated budget.

By choosing us you can ensure that your business obtains the best engineering, computing and software development services.

Aray’s Frequently Asked Questions

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