Aray.Net Internet Browser

Aray.Net Internet Browser

Web browsing the Internet with coin box attached to a PC.

Money is put into the coin meter. The user clicks on a connect button. The user surfs using bespoke Internet browser (with all history etc disabled).
Credit is used up at an adjustable rate per minute. On expiry of credit the user is logged out to the front screen and the Internet connection is cut.

Some features of the system include:

  • A count down display on screen of credits and time left
  • Disabling of standard system key presses
  • Customisable FREE off line web pages
  • Scheduled advertising
  • Sending Emails
  • Email reporting of usage statistics.
  • Customisable Buttons on Screen

The system is designed for use in semi-supervised public access locations such as shops, schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, and hotels.
The system can be used without the coin box (e.g. for public service information).

Aray.Net Coin Box Internet Browser

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