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We recognize that the Internet is Now and the Future. Whether its communication (e-mail, searching), a web site (marketing brochures) or an e-commerce web shop (selling on line) the internet plays an essential role in the modern efficient business.
We can get you connected and operational on the internet within a few days. This can include signing up with an ISP, installing and configuring the hardware and software, setting up your e-mail accounts, sharing your internet connection among several computers and training you and your staff.
Having a web site means your business can be found by customers searching the internet for your goods and services. You can also reduce printing costs by having a brochure of your goods and services that you can refer customers from anywhere in the world to. We can design, build and deploy your web site and will also register it with search engines.
If you supply goods the you should consider an e-commerce web shop. We can design, build and deploy the most comprehensive low-cost e-commerce solution available today; so your businesses can trade successfully across the Internet. Features include catalogue creation and maintenance, shopping cart, ordering, security, and order processing. Customers will be able to browse through your catalogue, order and pay for your goods securely. You will receive emails of their order and confirmation of payment. All you need to do is post the goods when the orders come in.

Case Studies

We built the web site www.vmpeace.org from scratch within one week. We registered the domain name, purchased the web space, designed the site navigation, designed the web pages, converted data from Microsoft word files, sourced graphics, took photographs, uploaded, and tested the web site all within one week.

Examples of Web Sites Include


The e-commerce site
took a little long; one month. This is a fully functional web shop selling ladies clothing. We registered the domain name, purchased the web space, sourced the most appropriate e-commerce package, designed the site navigation, arranged receipt of payments, took photographs, entered product descriptions, prices and options, wrote the legal and administrative information, uploaded, and tested the web site. To popularize the site we registered it with several search engines and sold some items on e-bay.

Examples of E-Commerce Web Shops Include


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