Hey, I have just (31st March 2022) added another meaning to the word “yoba”; Your behaviour or attitudes. This is a pronoun used instead of “you” . It is used to imply positivity, poking fun, lightening the mood, broadening perspectives and seeking to avoid conflict. The plural is “theba or theirba” for their behaviour or attitudes. Other constructs can include myba, hisba, herba, ourba etc. For Caribbean patois or creole we can have Iba, I&Iba, Heba, Sheba etc.

Such a term or concept is required because in the modern world people are sensitive to criticism, negativity or reputational damage perceived as directed at them, especially when the pronoun you is used. You is very difficult to change, whereas behaviour and attitudes are continuously evolving. I.e. “we’re evolved to experience the social pain of insults in much the same way that we experience being physically hit.”

This was invented after reading the article by
Matthew Legge
Are We Done Fighting?
Humor and Humiliation
What we can learn from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.
Posted March 30, 2022 on psychology today.


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