Company Background

Company Background

Welcome to ARAY’s web site. We are based in South West London in the United Kingdom. Our computing and software development services provide solutions in these key areas.

  • Medical
  • Databases – customer, asset management, sites, customers
  • Imaging / Machine Vision
  • Instrumentation
  • Biometrics – Consultancy, Pilot Projects, Implementation
  • Web Sites and E-Commerce Web Shops
  • Open Source Solutions
  • General Computing

It is our policy to provide first class solutions to our customers. We have experience of computing covering many subject areas. We like to accept new computing challenges in any field, as well as our current specialisations. We are accustomed to succeeding in providing software for challenging projects on the leading edge of technology, requiring new innovations, algorithms, complex calculations as well as the routine databases and user interface features. All our technical staff are highly educated and can provide significant expertise in computing and software development. We have considerable experience of software systems engineering, programming, planning, management, training, accounting and quality assurance.

Hardware and Software

Where required we work with our hardware design partners, who have over 30 years experience in patenting, designing and producing products involving mechanics, optics, fluidics and electronics.

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Together we succeed in providing effective automated solutions.

Projects we have worked on include:

  • Automated urine screening instrument
  • Internet Browser – for telephone box type internet usage
  • Stand alone clinical chemistry analyser
  • System for imaging, measuring and interpreting disk diffusion antibiotic
    susceptibility test plates
  • Machine tool control
  • Personnel and Administration
  • Infection Control
  • Financial Instruments

The products developed by ARAY have a global appeal. We are prepared to undertake assignments for overseas clients and enter into strategic partnerships. By choosing us you can ensure that your business obtains the best engineering, computing and software development services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of humanity. We aim to become a leading supplier of software solutions; especially to the Medical, Imaging, Machine Vision and Instrumentation markets. In addition, we can supply general computing solutions to meet specific requirements. Our first class solutions are of the highest standard and customer satisfaction is our top priority

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Aray – Computing and Software Development Solutions

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