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Our aim to help you get the best use out of your IT infrastructure investment. Implementing the most effective and efficient applications for your business; solve your problems to get and keep your system operating effectively.


Helping to overcome obstacles

Having the appropriate applications for your business can save you time and money. Productivity can be increased. Increase data integration, reduce double keying, increase your IT functionality and capability; so that you can efficiently perform the processes and have readily available the data your business requires. We can source appropriate (e.g. cheap) software to suit your requirements. Just using the standard office software may not be enough. We can integrate office software and some applications to increase your efficiency.

Security – Management, users and the Internet

We all recognise that security is intrusive and impedes our ability to get work done.

Your computers and network are used for confidential and mission critical functions, you are dependent on them. They have valuable information. Your network is vulnerable as you are sharing information both internally and externally. How serious management is about security is measured not only by policies but by amount of resources spent on security. Security failures are costly and have legal implications -e.g. data protection, reputation, services unavailable. Our Security policies are business driven; tailored to be appropriate for each business.

The key issue is between security and usability. We balance security intrusiveness, ease of use and total cost of

Keys to success

ownership. Every facet of the infrastructure must be examined and protected. These include physical locations, computer
hardware, networking, operating systems, applications and management practices. We can determine the level of information security that is right for your organisation. We can source the portfolio of tools, technologies, and processes that will optimize your computer and information security systems.

We focus on Management, users and the Internet. Especially the Internet, as we perceive that to hold the greatest risks. Everyone connected to the Internet is a potential insider in your organisation. “Security issues pose a significant barrier to the ubiquitous adoption of internet based e-business applications.” IDC. The number of infected email attachments and attempted attacks is so high that infection is still a serious risk. Patch management is an important part of our service. In 2003 there were over 100,000 incidents reported, and 4,000 Vulnerabilities reported. “Security problems in cyberspace are unlikely to disappear or be solved any time soon” IEEE IC.

We can set up Security and Configuration Management Systems (eg security plan, back ups), configure your operating system for optimum security, install security tools (such as firewalls, biometric finger print scanners), and plan and implement your patch management practices.

Good enough is good enough. Good enough always beats perfect (too expensive!)
The really hard part is determining what is good enough.
We can do that.

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