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Biometrics is the automated measuring of one or more physical characteristics or personal behavioural traits of a person, such as a fingerprint or face, with the aim of being able to distinguish that person from all others.

There are many applications (e.g. access to buildings, usage of computers, etc) where there is a need to know who the person is; not what password or key code or PIN number was entered. Biometric technology holds limitless promise in the fields of personal identification and security.

Aray is a supplier of biometrics software, hardware and consultancy services.
We focus on fingerprint, signature, face geometry and iris scan biometric technologies, and will also supply services based on other biometric technologies such as hand / finger geometry, and voice. Biometric technology is cheap and inexpensive, with prices starting from under £100.
Applications – Examples of areas where biometrics identification and verification may be applied include:

Software personal identification and authentication

Secure logon for Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP.
Enter your username and/or password with the touch of a finger
Protect PCs, laptops and their data from unauthorised access by checking users’ biometric before they boot up or restore from screen savers.
Prevent unauthorised users from running Windows applications or accessing sensitive data files. Encrypt/decrypt files and folders based on a biometric match.
Prevent fake email transmissions. Far more secure than today’s digital encryption or digital signatures
Add multiple hand-written verifiable signatures to documents. Signatures not valid if documents changed after signed.
Add security and convenience of biometric authentication within some third-party applications
Interface to your existing computers using keyboards, special cards or serial, parallel or USB ports.

Time and attendance

Track and manages labour. Resistant to fraud (employees punching each other in and out)
Collect, collate and report employee time and attendance data directly to your payroll and personnel system.

Physical Entry and Access Control

Restrict access to a facility (secure/sensitive facilities, buildings, office / storage areas, apartments, lockers, doors, safes) based on face or fingerprint identity (requires no card, keys or PIN numbers).


Identity Verification

Confirm identity of people for
social/pension benefits,
day care centres,
health clubs,
medical facilities,
financial transactions.

A few uses for Biometrics

Applications Business Sectors
Fingerprint identification Secure e-commerce and data on personal computers. Log on verification and
Restricted security areas / data. Reduce support costs for PC networks.
Face Recognition Physical entry and access control, Picking a Face out of the Crowd. Night clubs, stadiums, casinos, laboratories, PC access using Web Cam.
Digital signature verification On-line storage and transmission of multiple verifiable signatures in documents. Legal profession, architects and banking, medical institutions.
Voice Recognition & Synthesis Computerised telephone conversations; Caller Identification Customer Service, Account access by telephone.
Hand Geometry Physical entry, access control, time and attendance. Restricted or logged access areas of buildings. Manufacturing, laboratories.

Aray Provides Biometric Services

Aray will provide all or part of your biometrics system. As well as a variety of standard biometric hardware and software products; Aray will provide consulting services related to the design, development and integration of automated biometric systems. We will supply end users, corporate IT departments, prime contractors, system integrators and YOU.

Some Biometrics Services
Development of short and long term strategies for evaluation, piloting and rollout
Determination of most suitable biometric technology
Sourcing and supply of biometric software and hardware.
Identification of target applications
Introduction of technology to key internal groups
Development of PR strategy
Comprehensive Pilot/Implementation Management

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When you are at work do you need to remember an ever-increasing number of passwords or PIN numbers?
Do these passwords and pin numbers need to be changed on a regular basis?
Do you, like many other people, find it hard to remember them all or have you forgotten one completely?
Do you feel the need to write down that secret code so that you don’t forget it?
Have you ever entered your password only to find that you entered it incorrectly because it is CASE-SENSITIVE?
Does the security of your network or data concern you?

With the ever increasing need for secure networks more and more passwords are being created which need to be changed at more frequent intervals. This, in itself, is a sensible policy, but it has some unfortunate site-effects, it:
increases the risk of users writing the new password down
the user forgetting the new password altogether or
The user develops sequential structures to help remember the password.

As a result, all the effort taken to increase security can in fact be self-defeating.
Also with the development of faster and more powerful computers, it has become easier for professional teams of hackers to compromise these passwords, allowing them access sensitive data on your computers.

Here at Aray we can provide you with a new password that cannot be forgotten, lost, stolen, entered incorrectly, copied, hacked in to or even case sensitive!
That new password lies just at your fingertips! Still don’t believe us? Your very own fingerprint could become your new password. As we all know fingerprints are unique to each and every person, which that makes them ideal for personal digital identification. Prices
start from about £100
So contact Aray today because lets face it you are hardly going to forget your own hand when you leave for work in the morning now are you?

Use your Web Cam and your Pretty Face!

Aray can supply you with software that will enable you to use your web cam for identification and verification (e.g. log on, screen saver). Instead of remembering and typing in passwords use your pretty face.

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