Aray Specialists in

PC Software Development, Training, Support and Consultancy

Utilising Microsoft® Technologies
Windows, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Small Business Server, Visual Studio.Net, Visual Basic, VBA, Access, SQL Server, Office, Word, Excel, C++, Assembler, Front Page, Internet Explorer, Project, Media Player
With Microsoft® Certified Professional
Internet Technologies
Web site design, PHP, Mysql, Apache, IIS, Internet Explorer, Visual Studio.Net E-commerce: osCommerce, Shop Factory, Actinic, WordPress
On Site Training & Support
Most of software above plus Sage and TAS computerised accounts, Internet access, Software and hardware installation and configuration of PCs, Networks, Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Modems, etc.
Biometrics Consultancy
Fingerprint, Signature, Iris Scan, Face and Hand Geometry. Forget passwords and use your fingerprint or your pretty face.
Imaging Consultancy
Web cam, IP Camera, Network Camera, CCTV, Frame Grabber, USB Video Capture, Wireless camera, Wireless video, Wireless Broadcast, Cordless Web cam, Digital Video, Micro Camera, Ultra Small Digital Camera

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Examples of work undertaken
Designing and implementing software, including customer training, support and consultancy.


Access, SQL Server,
Instrumentation, clinical trials, accounting, bill of materials, Stock control, customers, sites, asset management, personnel and administration,

Internet Web site design and maintenance, specialised web browsers. E-commerce for retail, small businesses and Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).


State of the art: Antimicrobial susceptibility testing, Clinical chemistry analysis, Urine screening, Infection control, Audiology, Colposcopy


Automated scanning and image analysis of petri dishes with bar code reading and optical character recognition (OCR). Configuring systems for capturing, recording, analysing, remote viewing and storing images from digital and analogue cameras. Analysing images of the cervix to grade levels of cervical cancer.

Biometrics Software personal identification and authentication, secure laptops, add multiple verifiable signatures to documents, voice recognition and synthesis, time and attendance, physical entry and access control and identity verification


Computer controlled instruments, embedded systems.


Accounts, mortgages, investments, life assurance, unit trusts, money markets and dealing room systems.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 quality system documentation and implementation.

Training Excel Spreadsheets, Windows , SAGE or TAS accounting, Visual Basic, internet technologies


Personnel and administration, stock control, accounting, networking.

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Aray Limited PC Software Development, Training, Support and Consultancy

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